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product optimization

Improvement of existing solutions

The development and improvement of existing products, solutions, technical procedures and operations can be reached by use of a value analysis. In the broadest sense the value analysis is a continuous orientation of the whole company. Strictly speaking it is a cost optimization of existing or in development situated products. By technical ideas we develop new construction solutions if necessary with new suppliers.

Standardization of products and components is a criterion of the product optimization. In the first instance the expense in technical design will be reduced if components from a consisting construction kit will be used. The development time will also be reduced which is a important argument according to constantly reducing cycle times. Cost savings results also from fact that the service team will have to handle fewer variants. Positive consequences at the purchasing-side results also from the fact that larger quantities can be ordered and bought. In case of complete new products it is possible to keep the amount of parts as small as possible. Further on you will be able to create a so-called platform. In that case a subsequent standardization is not necessary even if this standardization would be useful for existing products.
We will identify and implement potentials of standardization and.

We will integrate an appropriate product- and production controlling which shows its cost and its cost distribution.

Hierzu integrieren wir ggf. ein entsprechendes Produkt- bzw. Produktionscontrolling, welches die Kosten und deren Aufteilung aufzeigt.

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