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Knowledge Management

Today, knowledge is an important resource in every company. It is growing exponentially and will continue to be of increasing importance in the future.

Knowledge is often available in companies in an unstructured form in the areas, individual heads and the most varied forms of storage. Moreover, parallel documents often exist. A general overview and selection possibilities for lexical knowledge are missing. A searchability is not given.

Knowledge management is to be understood as a concept with which relevant knowledge is structured and made usable as a value-adding resource in a holistic, target- and future-oriented way.

If internal company knowledge is structured on the basis of a product-oriented view and made available on demand, it becomes a competitive advantage and driver of innovation. Manage your lexical knowledge and use it productively!


Our experts can support you with the following services through their technical and methodical competence:
  • Inspection and structuring of existing documents
  • Development of a concept for storage and management
  • Coordination of the implementation
  • Collaboration in the creation of technical topic pages
  • Harmonisation of overlapping documents / standards
  • Continuous updating of the platform and documents
  • training courses
Our experts can also assist you with the following topics:
  • better use of knowledge in the company
  • Consistent Knowledge Data Base: Development of new business models
  • Consistent R&D: product-oriented process, merging of processes
  • Organization optimization: networked processes, decentralized control
  • Consistent value creation in a networked environment: holistic value creation, comprehensive optimization and key figures, alternative processes

The increasing expectations of customers with regard to intervention options increase the discrepancy to the corporate objective. The customer would like to be able to intervene as far as possible until delivery. On the other hand, a company's goal is to create consistent added value. It therefore requires a product-oriented alignment of processes and a holistic view of value creation. Knowledge / information play a central role.



Knowledge management in product development
Lexical knowledge plays a strong role for product development, because already secured knowledge regarding design, standards etc. is required increase safety and speed. In addition, other areas can be involved to increase networking within the company.

Through a productive use of your knowledge you get the advantages:

  • Knowledge is automatically stored according to a fixed structure
  • Information is available filtered according to the role in the company
  • Time saving, due to the access to already existing company experiences
  • Integration of external data or contact persons possible
  • No redundant, outdated or contradictory documents
  • Knowledge and experience remains in the company, even if employees change
  • Analysis, which topics are interesting

Consistent Knowledge Data Base

Collect your knowledge in a comprehensive platform where it is made accessible and searchable. You can achieve 20-40% more efficiency.

Would you like to structure your knowledge and experience in your company as well and benefit from more efficient processes and a related competitive advantage in the future? Contact us and benefit from the experience of our experts!

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